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 About WorkVine209

WorkVine209 is a solution to the commuting issue for those who live in the Central Valley and work in the Bay Area. They understand the costs associated with finding a workspace for yourself or your company. The Hawkins created WorkVIne209 to provide affordable workspace to the Central Valley and beyond.


Eric Hawkins

Eric Hawkins is the co-founder of both Uneed2 and WorkVine209. He is a community-minded entrepreneur striving to develop a strong option for employees and businesses in the community to the start-up and business sector. His innovation in technology and the need to work remotely are always being focused on the end-user. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, creating a resource hub for start-ups, and educational training programs for businesses.

Lynda Hawkins

Lynda Hawkins has served the needs of the community for many years. Experienced entrepreneur and business leader with relevant experience in current operations of Uneed2, a non-profit focused on certified technology training, business, workforce development training, and giving back to the community. Lynda believes WorkVine209 is their solution to the community's current need for a remote-space solution.

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