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6 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

“You must immerse yourself in your work…You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That’s the secret of success, ” says Chef Jiro. Whether you seek to master a skill, run your business, or simply have a productive workday, coworking spaces are here to support you. It’s no secret that remote work and job flexibility have become the norm in many industries. Commuting to your office or working from home have their perks, but come with consequences. One option requires you to spend long hours on the road while another option lacks any social interaction or a conducive work environment. Fortunately, there is a 3rd option‒a coworking space‒that gives you the best of both worlds.

Here are the top 6 benefits of coworking spaces.

Enhanced Productivity

Coworking spaces provide a place for you to complete your projects and assignments with minimal interruption. Your office and home may be teaming with distractions from coworkers, family members or pets. However, a survey about coworkers show that after joining a coworking space:

  • 84% are more engaged and motivated

  • 69% have acquired a new skill

  • 68% have enhanced an existing skill

  • 90% are happier

Dedicated Workspace

Coworking spaces such as WorkVine209 have semi private offices or open workspaces that you can choose from. You no longer need to work from your dining table or living room couch. Furthermore, you can save yourself some space and money that you would have to spend on office equipment and furniture as well as a stable wifi connection. Ultimately, you can have all the perks of an office that’s close to home and readily available at your convenience.

Save Time and the Environment

If you are commuting to the Bay Area from the valley, your commute time is likely to be upwards of 1 to 2 hours each way. A coworking space will reduce your commute significantly, leaving you more time for other activities such as exercise, sleep, or spending time with family.

Less time spent on the road also correlates to positive environmental outcomes, specifically fewer CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. The WWF estimates that we could potentially reduce one billion tons of emissions through new and flexible forms of work such as coworking spaces by 2030.


For small businesses, there is a large cost to renting a building or office spaces, and paying for utilities and the internet. Oftentimes, businesses must sign a lease that may last months or years. With market volatility, it can be difficult to ensure that your business will have enough capital to make those payments. The benefit of a coworking space is that you only pay for what you need—no more long term contacts. At WorkVine209, you can even rent an office space for a day.

If you are a commuter, you can also save thousands of dollars. In one report, Bay Area commuters spent a maximum of $12,801 annually. Coworking spaces by comparison are a fraction of the cost. Coworkers have used the money they saved to invest in retirement plans, a child’s education, projects, or simply a relaxing vacation.


Coworking spaces are a great place to meet other like-minded individuals and network. Whether you are starting your business or simply working remotely a few days a week, places such as WorkVine209 are inclusive environments where you can share ideas and engage in deliberative dialogue. Furthermore, coworkers have the potential to become your clients, supporters, references, or mentors.


Tea and coffee, massage chairs, printing services, conference rooms, and tech support are some of the amenities that are offered by coworking spaces. You have the opportunity to spend your micro and meso breaks engaging in fun and relaxing activities to help manage your energy and productivity throughout the day.

Authored By Kritashi

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