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An Employer's Nightmare

An employer’s story, aka An employer with a heart and a brain.

I can see it in their posture when they walk in the door. It’s only Wednesday and the week is already taking its toll on Carol. I can see it in his step. Slowed measurably from Monday morning when he had a full day’s rest from his commute to work. The shoulder’s a little droopy, a forced smile on her face smile but the eyes tell the story. Tired but a real trooper and pushing to get through the week. She’s a great employee and one of my best developer’s, but by this time each week, the effort is there but the long day’s and short rest between them is taking it’s toll again. We pay here really well, but she couldn’t afford to buy or even rent a house here and drives more than 50 miles to work each day. Bad enough but it usually takes an hour and a half each way and from door to door, if there’s no overtime which is rare, her day is always 12 hours and many times 14. Three young children who farmed out to daycare after her mother was no longer able to handle them and she is essentially an absentee parent all week long. A quick meal for the children, some homework and off to bed for them and a 4:30 alarm to dress the youngsters, get them to daycare and hit the road to work and with traffic problems, today’s going to be a two-hour trip each way. Still, she is one of my best people even on Thursday and Friday and I don’t want to lose her. I can only imagine what her life must be like and I hate to think

But frankly, I hate to see the toll it is taking on her and it’s not the kind of exhaustion a day off is ever going to fix. With the incredible growth of the tech industry, the cost is going through the roof, and we can’t pay them enough money for them to afford a home near work. Making matters worse, our planning and execution for new facilities take 2 to 4 years so there just doesn’t seem to be an answer! Maybe it’s time to consider allowing her to work remotely. I know that some of the other companies in the area are being to look at his as an option and I’ve seen some articles about the benefits to employees and employers who are beginning to use remote workers and realizing the benefits to both parties from this. From what I’ve heard, it’s working very well for everyone if it is done right. They set expectations and due dates, measure performance at set points and find the quality of work actually improves because the employees are worn out when they get to work from the incredible hours and stress of commuting. In fact, recently one of the biggest companies in the world just made most (about 1500) of their workers-remote workers and saved a fortune doing it not to mention keeping a lot of really great employees.

I’ve heard there is a brand new Co-working space in Tracy, called WorkVine209. Interesting name. In fact what I’ve heard is they have really high-quality equipment and resources, plus a variety of other disciplines there that my employees can interact with if needed. Boy, what a difference that would make for Carol! She would get life back, I get even better production and performance from a great employee, and I don’t have to worry about her having to quit, because the exhaustion and stress just become too much. And from what I have heard I can save a lot of money is facilities cost and management as well. Sounds like a win/win. I just hate the toll the commute is taking on Carol and a lot more of my best employees. I think I will call them and see how I can work something out without.

Contact us at WorkVine209, 209 650-6925,

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