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We get it! Your success is our success! But sometimes a serious dose of Candor is needed for all of us and in the spirit of collaboration, we are going to share a True story, one of our business associates experienced just a few days ago. We are all in it together and need to get real to make a difference!

“I’m not a daily commuter to San Francisco and each time I make that commute, I shiver at the thought of having to make it every day, every week. In fact, I have gotten to point that I use public transportation, mostly the train, to make the trip so that I can work on the way to destination and back and use the 5 hours plus or minus I would lose if I drove my own car!

After jumping on one of the morning trains, the trip went fine without any delays or struggles leaving me with an hour or so before my late morning/ lunch meeting with a client and a couple of hours to make some calls and walk back to the bus station for a quick trip to the train and my return home. A slight 30-minute delay on the train but still not bad and I was back home by 8 o’clock that Friday evening, mission accomplished and all was well for me. Not a lot worse for the wear, but then it was just that one day! But that’s not the way it is for daily commuters. As we boarded the bus for our ride to the train station I overheard a conversation that confirmed this.

As fellow riders, passed my seat on the bus and settled into theirs with a huge sigh and an exhausted chuckle, the passenger said it all! First, the sigh and the comment, that “they might as well let me stay home on Fridays, because by the time it comes around and I get to work I’m completely useless. I love my job, but I’m just shot by then”. The comment was heard by other passengers nearby who all chimed in with their own acknowledgment of the truth expressed! The trip went on, but the thought didn’t leave me and the comment was such a powerful expression of what, the vast majority of commuters making the daily trip back and forth to work endure every week. Their jobs pay well but not well enough for them to live close to work and eliminate the trip that was taking such a toll on them and…………..the impact on a businesses they work in. They are so tired by the last day or two of the week that their performance suffers and everyone loses! “

As an employer now and for most of my life, I’ve always believed that success in business was a joint effort between me, as a leader, and the people who worked for me who counted on fair treatment from that included a bit of heart for them as well.

And I believe that is true of most employers reading this article. So the good news for many if not all employers counting on people making the commute, there is a solution! And it’s to allow them to work remotely for a portion of each work week!

And that’s exactly where WorkVine209 can help. Whether it's 1 or 5 days a week, we have options to reduce the toll 5 days a week commutes place on your workforce. Memberships with us can be for a day a week or 4 or 5 days a week and prorated accordingly. They walk into our workspace, plug in their computers and go to work with all the high-quality equipment and resources they need for success. Even a couple days of work without that soul rendering exhaustion of one of the worst commutes in the nation can turn any employee into a much happier and more productive employee. Give us a call and we can set up the arrangements you need to get the best from your employees and prove to them why they should be working with you and that you care.

As the old saying goes, people don’t care what you feel or know until they know you care. And you can start by letting them work remotely a couple of days a week at WorkVine209, where they live. It’s a win/win for everyone. We are all in this together and we thank you for listening (reading) what we had to say!

Contact us at WorkVine209, 209 650-6925,

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